The client’s marketing team lacked easily accessible, ready to use data using which marketing pipeline analysis could be done and KPIs measured. Inability to consistently and reliably measure KPIs hampered strategic planning. Secondly, absence of properly governed and cleansed reliable datasets that could capture customer journeys hampered effective marketing attribution that in turn led to a perception of diminished marketing impact. 

A flagship project implemented by Entellimetrix has enabled advanced Marketing Analytics for the client’s Marketing department.


Entellimetrix enabled Marketing Analytics for the client by delving into problems, one layer at a time, then setting and achieving milestones. This has helped the marketing team achieve the twin goals of using data to both fuel marketing strategies as well as measure ROI of marketing efforts. The data warehouse delivered by us achieved 2 objectives – Measuring Campaign effectiveness and Capturing a 360 degree view of the client’s customer. 

Analytics Capabilities

Since the implementation of this platform, it has become the defacto platform that guides Marketing prioritization and spend. Our big data effort has materialized into the following analytics capabilities:   

  • Lead Pipeline Analytics – This has helped Marketing measure “lead lag metrics” – time taken by Marketing and Sales to move the lead through various stages and finally resulting in an “opportunity”.
  • Marketing Funnel Performance TrackingWe developed reports that track the customer journey from being a prospect to becoming a billing customer that helps in evaluating marketing influence and attribution. This customer journey tracking was enabled by developing a single view of the customer.  
  • Contact ManagementWe built a Contact datamart that facilitates easy access to fully cleansed, de-duped, governed marketing Contacts for effective analysis and is customized to be easily analyzed in the context of its associated company, product, lead, opportunity and account attributes. 
  • Mastering Customer Data  We built a solution that integrated customer data from different enterprise data source to create clean, complete, unique customers that provided a 360 degree view of the customer. 
  • Marketing Influenced Reporting This effort has helped measure the hitherto elusive metric – Marketing Influenced leads. This improves accreditation of Marketing efforts by tying specific sales results to prior marketing initiatives. 
  • Closed Loop ReportingWe are currently involved in an effort to “close the loop” between Marketing and Sales by integrating visitor data from Adobe Analytics. This will help create a single source of truth for the sales and marketing pipeline enabled through dashboard reporting. 


Today, this is the defacto warehouse for all Marketing analytics needs of the client. With this grounding, the marketing team measures effectiveness of Campaigns with ease and confidence. Marketing has access on a daily basis, to not only direct leads and opportunities but also Marketing influenced leads and opportunities. Ability to measure marketing attribution all through the Customer journey is achieved. Effective customer segmentation has enabled marketing to better avail digital marketing potential.