Cloud Migration

Do you face resource constraints and need fast, easy-to-use technology that makes the most of your analytics team and abilities?

We develop and deploy cloud-based data management
and analytics solutions to help our clients realize cost savings,
have more scalability and flexibility, and to build and deliver analytics models faster.

Our Experts Can Help You:

We have helped organizations across industries such as healthcare, retail, movie studios and county governments in their cloud migration and cloud adoption for their data management, data preparation and analytics needs. By automating data preparation in the cloud, these clients have been able to build and deliver models faster, while taking advantage of the scale that cloud provides for compute power.


Optimizing existing cloud resources


Cloud Migration Strategy


Implementing cloud-based analytics


Deploying cloud-based solutions


Building data architecture in the cloud

Technologies We Work With

Our consultants have experience supporting most cloud providers and our seasoned cloud practitioners will facilitate a smooth cloud transition and adoption strategy for you.


Customer Experiences

Our cloud migration services have enabled our clients get the most out of their data.

Consumer Products

We reviewed their existing hybrid cloud architecture and proposed current and future integration needs across the enterprise. We implemented Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS), designed and developed integrations to extract data from their global SAP ERP system.

University Health System

We provided system design, research and advice in their transition to a cloud- based distributed computing platform. We provided regular and ad-hoc mentoring on various systems components of this new platform as well as developed ETL code to perform entity resolution and populate multiple data marts.

Health Department

We analyzed, transformed and loaded data from multiple legacy sources and created an integrated data warehouse on Azure Cloud that contains a common view of services provided, client identities, contracts, cases or providers.

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