Data Integration Services

Do you have massive amounts of data at varied disparate sources? Do you want to integrate all such data sources and create centralized storage for reporting and analysis?

Our data integration services combine modern data integration technologies and techniques with proven experience so you can perform analysis across all your sources, regardless of form, function, or location.

Our Data Integration Services help…

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Integrate and extract large volumes of disparate data

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Track data lineage and apply data tests to confirm assumptions

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Load data into cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, and BI Tools

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Modernize your data architecture

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Transform structured and semi-structured data into easily analyzed formats

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Ensure data is clean, consistent, and available in real-time

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Access the data needed to accelerate AI/ML projects

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Simplify data management operations and automate administrative tasks

Technologies We Work With

Our consultants have experience supporting various Data Integration tools and technologies and will ensure you take advantage of the best technology to ingest and transform data.


Customer Experiences

Our data integration services have enabled our clients get the most out of their data.

Federal Agency

We helped architect, design and develop an Enterprise Data warehouse as part of the Data Optimization project whose goal is to integrate and consolidate the disparate systems across various states.

Telecom Company

We implemented 50 data loads and integrated data from multiple enterprise applications to create an ODS. Then we implemented 20 mobility data loads to populate a Mobility Datamart.

County Health Department

We created an integrated data warehouse on Azure Cloud that contains a common view of services provided, client identities, contracts, cases or providers.

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