Financial Services

Digitization is becoming the foundation for the financial services industry. It is awash with data and timely access to the right data can mean the difference between millions of dollars in profit or losses. Leading financial services institutions are beating out competition by using their data to enhance sales, manage risk, and build greater client relationships.

Increased use of data & analytics, AI and other emerging technologies will be a key driver of success. In this age of digitization, data will sit at the heart of any financial services institution – the organizations that can unlock that data to generate insights and model potential trends, while keeping it secure, will be the leaders of tomorrow.

We have delivered data management and analytics solutions for multiple financial services firms and helped them drive profitability, gain a deep understanding of their customers and mitigate risk.

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Customer Experiences

Our consulting team has enabled our financial services clients to get the best insight out of their data.

For a financial services client, we optimized online user experience and new customer acquisition with data driven insights delivered through mining semi-structured text data generated by various channels – online, in-branch, phone, mobile etc. We used Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) based Machine Learning Topic model development.

For a national bank, we delivered an enterprise spend management data warehouse that aims at understanding spending patterns across various enterprises of the bank to maximize buying leverage by executing informed sourcing and supply management decisions and to optimize budgeting and planning. The ESM project delivered a “standard reporting platform” that enabled management, analysts, and managers to have easy and standardized tools to generate reports, perform analysis, and to create key performance metrics.

For a banking technology company, we led a data warehouse team to design and develop a scalable forecasting system for the Financial Management team that was implemented globally across all regions and divisions of the company. The forecasting system was designed as a consolidated global planning application that enabled monthly forecasting for the company’s products and services.

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